About us

As chicken owners ourselves we understand how difficult it can be to take family holidays when you own chickens, whether just one or several birds. Arranging for someone to let your chickens out in the morning, supplying food and water, fresh grass and then to safely shut them up at night can be difficult. 

Problem solved ! Let us look after your chickens, ducks, guinea fowl & quails,  just as we do our own, so that you can holiday knowing your chickens are in safe hands.

We use plastic coops for the best hygiene standards and these are placed within a fully enclosed run. Both are moved to fresh grass when needed.

We will provide layers pellets & fresh water all day, and corn in the afternoon. We use shredded paper as bedding which is routinely changed throughout your hens stay with us.

We currently have coops and runs suitable for up to 4, up to 8 and even an extra large for up to 12 chickens. We allocate coops on number of chicken or ducks and coop availability.


Abbotts Mead

Three Cups


East Sussex

TN21 9LU


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Email: contact@thecosycoop.co.uk

        Tel: 07944 354518